It will be OK? The tremendous knockout of Paulo Costa to Logan Paul that is viral in the networks

Paulo Costa.

The Brazilian fighter from UFC, Paulo Costa, went viral on social networks after a tremendous right hand. In a gym ring, he sparred with Logan paul, youtuber and boxer who will face Floyd Mayweather in weeks. The latter received a terrible blow, which left him completely collapsed on the canvas. Clearly the images moved quickly on digital platforms.

Fully recovered?

A few days ago, brother and coach of PaulCarlos Costa spoke to the press and said that he was not physically well: «We only want to postpone the fight for a week or two so that ‘Borrachinha’ recovers. He had COVID and then he had the flu, and the flu is taking a long time to go away. We just want to postpone the fight, not call it off. He will be ready at some point and he wants that battle.

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«Symptoms of Paul They were moderate, but then something happened that we weren’t expecting. But there is a problem: he never stopped training. He continued training very hard, having that disease. He hasn’t made a full recovery since then, so we think that’s exactly why. It has not turned out well and now he will have to rest for a while, ”Carlos also expressed.

What’s next for Logan

On some days, Floyd Mayweather and Logan paul they will cross each other in the ring and the fans are crazy. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most watched boxing fights in history, considering what is at stake for both of us. The young youtuber and American boxer is measured against the legend of always in this sport, who still maintains an undefeated giant.

Undefeated multiple world champion in Welterweight Floyd Mayweather had announced his fight with Logan Paul at the end of March. The YouTube star, in an exhibition contest, wants to be the one who knocks out the historic one for the first time. «Logan paul and I are going to fight at Hard Rock Stadium. Mayweather Promotions, Fanmio and Showtime will come together to offer a historic event, “was what the billionaire boxer posted on Instagram.

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