Lewis Hamilton’s unusual mistake that surprised everyone: “I’m going to get in trouble”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton starred in an unusual blooper in the last hours. The seven-time World Champion of the Formula 1 was the protagonist of a video for the channel Youtube in the category in which all the riders in the paddock perform a ‘historical alphabet’. There, from A to Z, everyone had to name teams that once belonged to the category. «I’m going to get in trouble“Said Hamilton, who forgot a very important team.

Several pilots responded quickly to several letters of the alphabet, but the problem came when he touched the M. The vast majority responded without hesitation the first team that came to mind with this letter and was Mclaren. However, Lewis Hamilton had many doubts. With a few seconds of delay, Lewis repeated to McLaren in response, between some laughs.

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However, a few seconds later, Hamilton realized his mistake: he did not name Mercedes, the team he is currently racing for. “Hell, this is going to get me in trouble,” said Hamilton with a laugh. Despite this, he was not the first driver to have this error. Esteban Ocon, who pilots for Alpine, but is attached to Mercedes, did not recall any equipment with the M.

The journalist quickly tells him: “Your friends from Mercedes will be angry for this forgetfulness.” To which Ocon opened his eyes and quickly became concerned: “Oh shit,” said the Frenchman. This exercise tested the memory of all the pilots on the grid. Another of those who had a major forgetfulness was Sebastian vettel, who also gave a laugh.

The German touched the letter R of the alphabet, to name historical Formula 1 teams. However, he did not answer any answer, which was easier than expected. Vettel did not name Red Bull, team where he got his four World titles. He quickly grabbed his face, incredulous, but also with a lot of humor.

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