Martín Lasarte: “I am not valid about Vidal, but I am not the one to judge him in his private life”

Martín Lasarte: "I am not valid about Vidal, but I am not the one to judge him in his private life"

One day after the match against Argentina, due to the resumption of the Qualifiers, Martín Lasarte, coach of the Chilean National Team, spoke at the traditional previous press conference, and as expected, he had to answer for the controversial contagion of coronavirus from Arturo Vidal, who will miss the duels against Albiceleste and Bolivia.

In that sense, the Uruguayan strategist expressed: “I am not going to discover what Arturo Vidal is in the international concert and what he is for Chile. For the rest, we are guided by a plan, a national protocol for concentrations, to reduce the risk of close contact. They come, they do a PCR and if they test positive they go to a particular place. Once the team was complete, a PCR was carried out and the concentration was carried out there. We had one problem, not others. These things happen”.

Asked about the responsibility of the steering wheel when carrying out personal activities in public after his arrival in Chile, “Machete” said: “There is a self-care situation, everyone is free to use their time as they see fit, I am not the one to get into the private life of each athlete. One as a driver always has a space to raise, especially to the youngest, caring and attending to the moments, but I am not the one to make a kind of assessment of a private activity “.

“I am not validating what Arturo or someone else did, I am not the one to value what they do in their private life. I have my thoughts like everyone else, then the time will come to ask ourselves things when we have to. Today we think about tomorrow’s game, we do not look ahead. Our goal is that, I am not validating. I am not the one to propose what a footballer can or cannot do, especially when they know what they have to do, “he added.

Regarding the possibility that another case of coronavirus will appear in the next few days, Lasarte said: “Logically we speak with the medical staff, there are a number of individuals that I am not the one to speak of. Whatever is close contact and that. No It is my theme, beyond knowing it. We have done several PCRs and we believe that it will not happen, but we brought more players than we thought at the beginning. “

But the Uruguayan also criticized the holding of the Copa América in Brazil: “I have said it before, but now it happens with this in Brazil. It can happen to anyone and it can be us. It is not the same that a 25-year-old footballer gets infected as an older staff member. It seems like a huge risk to me, health comes first by far, that’s my point of view. “

“It’s weird, we had planning, but we no longer know. The most important thing is health and if the Cup is going to be played that we have safeguards and that we have 100% effectiveness against risks. Later if something happens who will put the medal, we’ll see what happens. Now we have to look at Argentina and Bolivia, we’ll see the Cup, “he added.

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