Mayweather shows he’s still fine in the knuckle job in preparation for Logan Paul

Mayweather shows he's still fine in the knuckle job in preparation for Logan Paul

Despite Floyd mayweather noted that he will have no plan to confront Logan paulWhat he is fine-tuning is his hitting speed, since he uploaded a video where he shows how fine he is still in the mitt.

Money He has shown that he has not lost that characteristic speed of his striking, which has made him win many fights in his entire career.

The dilemma still remains as to whether the Mayweather is it functional or more useful for cameras and to screen amateurs without vast knowledge.

In an article written by Al Alvir, page editor Shoot A Fair One, dedicated entirely to boxing and mixed martial arts, speaks of several peculiarities of this exercise.

“The greatest benefit of mitten work from the Mayweather is that it teaches fighters to react in a fight. And that “touch” (something light, without hitting hard) is essential for good boxing. It can be said that the rhythm of the hit (without so much force) is more important than trying to land the punches constantly, because that “touch” between boxers happens most of the time.

Mayweather will arrive in great physical condition for his exhibition fight against Logan paul next June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Despite the knuckle job, Mayweather is not worried about his rival

Floyd seems to take nothing seriously about Logan and his show Inside Mayweather vs. Paul He mentioned that the 100 million dollars that he will take in the fight will be like robbing a bank.

“It doesn’t really matter if I have an intense training camp or not. This kid has no chance in hell. It doesn’t matter where I train. I am Floyd. My nickname is ‘Money’ for a reason. So if it’s an easy thing like fighting, it’s legalized bank robbery, I have to do it. I have to do it, ”he said.

“They pay me a lot of money because I kick ass and beat the biggest names. We are talking about real fighters. This is a YouTuber“He added.

Floyd Mayweather prepares to face Logan Paul.

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