“Ryan Garcia is the true definition of a coward,” accuses Devin Haney


Devin Haney attacked Ryan Garcia and he treated him as a coward, with a series of offensive publications through his social networks.

Perhaps without considering the complexity of the current situation, Haney did not hesitate to question Garcia with utter contempt.

Ryan Garcia is the true definition of a coward. A few weeks ago, she wanted sympathy because she had ‘mental health issues’. This week, he talked sh * t about me. It’s funny that now it comes out after Javier Fortuna already found another opponent, “he posted The Dream in its official Twitter account.

“What if Luke campbell brought you down, what would I have done to you Linares? ”, Continued the controversial champion of the World Boxing Council, with another tweet.

“And, let’s face it, you never wanted to fight Linares. You dodged it like me, ”the young American also tweeted.

Luke Campbell got into the Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia fight

Fast on keyboards, Luke campbell it did not take long to allocate its 280 characters to get into the virtual brawl.

“Congratulations on your victory, boy, but FYI, the blow with which I took down Ryan I would have put you asleep, and Linares now he is 3 years away from his best moment, “he said. Campbell, when he cited what was written by Devin Haney.

“Take it easy, Luke. You have never won a big fight in your life. Tell me a person (of renown) whom you defeated ”, he replied Haney.

Haney received harsh criticism from Garcia

Garcia reacted to the victory of Haney by unanimous decision against Jorge Linares, and assured that he could knock out the lightweight champion of the CMB, who had a scare when the Venezuelan hurt him.

“Good fight, but sorry, Devin, I would have knocked you out, “he posted Kingry on Instagram after the victory of Haney.

Devin he found himself in trouble in the 10th round, when the Venezuelan hit him with a right cross and left hook combination that took him to his corner on wobbly legs.

Still for the eleventh chapter the American was seen with many doubts and much of the three minutes he used to tie himself and avoid power in the fists of Linares.

Even if Haney he managed to recover, still in the twelfth round the power he had in the previous chapters was not seen.

However, he managed to stay with the unanimous decision by cards of 116-112, 115-113 and 116-112 for the work he did during the contest, connecting the most solid fists.

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