Tabárez: “Currently there may be some doubt about initial training”

Tabárez: "Currently there may be some doubt about initial training"

Oscar Tabárez spoke at a press conference ahead of the first match of the double round of Qualifiers, where Uruguay will have to face Paraguay at the Centenario Stadium. The Master referred to the team building, and said that “I have defined ideas but the team will know before the game starts. Nothing is gained by giving the team before and today we are working. Even today there may be some doubt about initial training. But I am very clear about what Paraguay is, the virtues it has, what things we have to control and how we can attend to the different situations that the team may have, one of which is how to accompany Luis Suárez in the attack. We are seeing that “

The experienced DT also referred to the possibilities of playing that local players have: “There are two players who came to the lateral areas of the field, which are positions in which we are constantly looking for options. Piquerez could not come due to injury, but Cándido was already in the calculations as well. I know that in our country building the team is a national sport because it is linked to the passion that there is for football, but they are players who have been important in their teams and who, due to their characteristics, I think they can continue to evolve and be more frequent in its international call. The problem we have now is that the FIFA Dates are over, so we do not have intermediate stages between the call and sending them to the field, and that is not good for the player. But the footballer knows it, we have talked about it, a lot goes through the mentalization and the challenge. I am very understanding of the situation they are in, but if they are called to act, we do not want them to do so relieved ”.

Tabárez also spoke about the calendar change and how they face the Copa América, which is also just around the corner: “Everything that happens today is conditioned by the pandemic, no consideration can be made without that, however I checked that the players came very psyched. Those who have been around for a longer time are very aware of what these games mean, of playing a Copa América, of the possibility of going for glory, and some are of an age that makes them think that it may be the last. I have seen that they are very good and they transmit that to the youngest, who arrive with great enthusiasm. We are going to try to focus first on the Playoffs. “

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