Terrible! UFC fighter subdues drunk at a food court and goes viral


A few hours ago, the world of MMA applauded a fighter from UFC who acted quickly. In a food court, Ryan hall, a ranked fighter for the company that Dana White commands, ended the problems that a drunkard was generating. A subject wanted to intimidate him into fighting, although things did not turn out as he expected and it ended up going viral.

Clearly the man did not have in mind that the one he was looking for trouble with was an experienced fighter of UFC, so his action ended up being very expensive. Another person tried to calm him down, but he pushed him away and continued his insults towards Ryan, who was at least with his partner at the time. As expected, he did not tolerate the situation and acted immediately.

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After having to endure insults and arrogance from the other person, Ryan hallWhile he was sitting, he took him by the legs and pulled him tightly to the floor. There, she controlled him from the top with her legs and arms. Without having to use more violence, she was able to subdue him to calm him down. It should be noted that at no time is the professional seen hitting the other subject.

Worst decision

The present of Hall in Mixed Martial Arts it is really impressive. With eight wins and one loss, the one from Falls Church, Virginia, thrills its entire audience. Considering that he is currently on a winning streak of eight straight contests, without a doubt, the drunk man made the worst decision he could: rebuke a fighter ranked from UFC.

It’s known that Ryan hall he killed men like BJ Penn, Gray Maynard and Artem Lobov, so it was not difficult to subdue this person. Coming up at UFC 264, he will face illia Topuria (10-0), where he will clearly have his toughest rival yet. «I want to become a great fighter of UFC as soon as possible. It’s one of my dreams since the day I signed with the UFC, and I want to go fast and bright, like a star, “he said days ago.

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