The Florence Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation into the death of Jason Dupasquier

Jason Dupasquier

Last Sunday the death of Jason dupasquier, pilot of Moto3 in the circuit of Mugello, Italy. The 19-year-old Swiss lost his life after being run over by another driver at the exit of the curve Arrabiata2. After a day of fighting, Dupasquier could not resist the injuries to his head and body, which caused the crash on Saturday. Now an investigation has been opened to clarify what happened.

As confirmed on Tuesday by the American media,, the Italian justice opened an investigation covers such as Involuntary manslaughter, to be able to see what happened at the Mugello circuit in the qualifying test on Saturday. This procedure is common in these situations and that is why no member of the organization or a pilot involved in the fatal accident was formally charged.

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The prosecutor who will carry out the case for Involuntary Homicide is Alessandro Piscitelli. Piscitelli is a public prosecutor in Florence and has already requested the images from the circuit cameras and the cameras of the official broadcast of the Grand Prix. Your job will be to rebuild the accident. In addition, he did not request (so far) an autopsy. However, he requested that Dupasquier’s body be examined externally


The accident occurred in qualifying on Saturday, with less than 1 minute remaining for the test to end. At the exit of the corner, Jason Dupasquier had a very strange movement on the back of his bike, which caused him to crash. Behind him was the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki and spanish Jeremy Alcoba. When Dupasquier went to the ground, Alcoba hit him square in the legs, something that did not cause death. However, Sasaki was the one who took the worst of it, hitting him on the head.

The Swiss was treated for 30 minutes at the scene of the accident. There, the doctors of MotoGP and the circuit, they stabilized and attended quickly. A few minutes later, Dupasquier was transferred to a hospital in Florence, where he was admitted in a very critical condition, with cerebral edema and chest contusion. On Saturday night he underwent surgery, but on Sunday morning, minutes after the end of the Moto3 race, his death was confirmed.

Source: Official Twitter Circuit Ricardo Tormo

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