The previous one heats up: the spicy phrases of Israel coach Adesanya against Marvin Vettori

Israel Adesanya.

The rematch between Israel Adesanya Y Marvin vettori it’s hotter than ever, weeks before the big night. In these hours, speaking with Submission Radio, Eugene Bareman, coach of the Nigerian Middleweight champion, killed the Italian with his words. The aforementioned made it clear that the European should be grateful for this opportunity, since there will be no other in his life.

Being so, Bareman He said, “This fight is due to Israel, no to what Marvin has reached a certain position. His last fight, I know the people in charge, the people who push the buttons in the UFC weren’t happy with his last fight. And so is the UFC. They don’t want to see someone just lie down and hug someone. They want to advance people that excite them and excite the crowd, and Marvin didn’t do that. “

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“I know that Israel would like to be more clinical with this victory and make it much more definitive. So that’s the motivating factor. But one of the things we always emphasize at this gym is that you must love what you do. The only way to be successful in this sport is to be absolutely obsessed and love fighting. And that is Israel. And he just wants to fight, “he said.

An epic fight

What’s more, Eugene He commented, “And sometimes you don’t get the ideal scenario that you need to fight with. Yes, I mean, we are prepared for that. I mean, you have to understand that Marvin has taken down Israel before, and Israel clearly won that fight where Marvin knocked it down. Will Marvin be able to do the things Jan did because we haven’t addressed them? Ask yourself that question.

“It is Marvin as good as Jan, the light heavyweight champion of the world? Ask yourself that question. It’s an interesting thinking game, because it’s from a very good team and a very good coach and a very good coaching staff and training partners. And we had a good fight with those guys. So we are prepared and we are looking forward to it, “he concluded. Eugene Bareman.

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