“This is serious”: Lewis Hamilton’s strong support for Naomi Osaka

Lewis Hamilton

In the last hours, several celebrities from the world of sports expressed their support for the Japanese tennis player Naomi osaka. A few days ago, Osaka had confirmed that she was not going to speak to the press due to her ‘Mental Health’, for the entire duration Roland Garros. However, and after several pressures, he decided to leave the tournament. After this, Lewis hamilton was one of those who spoke about it: «This is serious«.

The relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka is one of great friendship. In the last hours, Hamilton spoke about the decision Osaka made, and came out to defend it from criticism. Hamilton had several run-ins with the press. One of them was in 2016, in the Japanese Grand Prix, where the British did not want to attend the conference and began to take photos of journalists.

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Unfortunately, they often take advantage of certain things. They said that I had disrespected them or that it was disrespectful and honestly, it was not my intention, I was just trying to have fun. However, what was disrespectful is what was written all over the world, ”said Hamilton. The Briton respected his decision and did not attend the conferences organized by al FIA.

Support for

This is why the pilot of Mercedes understand the decision Naomi Osaka made before arriving in Paris. The British cited the publication of the Japanese, where he confirmed his abandonment of the second Grand Slam of the season. Osaka claimed that “I am going to retire from the tracks for a while, but at the right time, I really want to work with the circuit to discuss ways to make things better for the players, the press and the fans.”

Mental health is not a joke, this is real and serious. This requires a lot of courage to do it (Because of Osaka’s attitude). Let’s make sure Naomi knows she’s not alone. Today is a good day to check and ask your friends and loved ones how they are and let them know that they are not alone, ”Hamilton wrote on his Twitter account.

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