Automatic revenge? Jake Paul’s request if he loses to Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul.

Tyron woodley, before colliding with Jake paul, he found out about a special request that the youtuber made. Few hours ago, Malki Kawa, CEO of First Round Management, spoke with MMA Fighting and made known a special point that was agreed in the signed contract. This was forceful and made it clear that the former UFC champion will have a special clause, which was arranged by the boxer.

In that way, Kawa summarized the following about the particular request of the youtuber: «The team of Jake paul negotiated an automatic rematch clause. That’s how much this fight scares them. If we win this fight, if Jake Paul wants him, then we have to get back to him. This is a great legacy fight. Without a doubt, the influencer believes that he can be knocked out.

Will he get it? They trust Tyron Woodley will be the one to knock out Jake Paul

«Can you imagine that if Tyron woodley Has he lost his last four fights, come in, take this guy down or say it’s a really good fight, Tyron takes him out, goes and does another rematch, gets paid even more for the rematch? Let’s say he hit him twice in a row and then he decided to hang up his gloves forever, ”the businessman also expressed, giving a strong example.

On the other hand, Malki He also revealed that: «Their legacy, although it is already established, takes it to another level and that is why they paid us what they paid us and to Tyron It also turns it on because it’s something completely different, it’s something new to train in and I think it’s an opportunity to erase the last four fights. That is what we set out to do with this agreement.

What jake said

Hours ago, Jake paul wrote on Twitter: «Tyron he licked too much in the locker room when I knocked out his best friend Ben and earned first place on the trouble kid kills list. He is a seasoned forward who has fought the best MMA fighters in the world, but will be downed by a teenage Disney star in 2 rounds. “

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