Confirmed: the public returns at the MotoGP Grand Prix of Catalonia

Valentino Rossi.

It will be a different weekend in the championship of MotoGP. After several races in which the public made themselves felt from the comfort of their homes, in the last hours it was confirmed that they will be able to return to the stands. The Catalan Grand Prix This Sunday will have fans on the circuit again and the figure that was allowed for this event is great news.

20,000 people may be in the stands of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalonia. This was confirmed by different Spanish media and especially by the Procicat (Civil Protection of Catalonia). According to the regulatory body, the Catalan layout may have 20% of its stands with the public. In total, there is a capacity for 100,000 spectators in all the facilities, so 20,000 will be the allowed number.

More than 130 thousand fans present at the Indianapolis 500

In each tribune of the circuit there may be up to groups of 3,000 people, with a certain distance and minimum sanitary measures, such as toilet facilities. This Sunday you can see the most popular Grand Prix since the start of the season. However, several circuits have already sent the request so that their stands can have a large volume of public, as could be seen a few years ago.

This weekend the public will be present again, and will do so to accompany the most important Catalan riders in the paddock. Marc Márquez, Álex Márquez, Pol Espargaró, Aleix Espargaró Y Alex Rins, they will run their Grand Prix at home and in front of their fans. As usual, Marc Márquez will steal the spotlight from the fans, but they expect a good race after being absent for a long time.

500 miles

This Sunday, the first motor sport event was held with a massive attendance of the public. It was nothing more and nothing less than in the Indianapolis 500, where 135,000 viewers they could say present in the Indianapolis MotorSpeedway. It was one of the most massive sporting events in recent years, and it brought some hope for what’s to come in the various categories.

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