Father of ‘Kun’ Agüero attacks Guardiola after City did not renew his son

Father of 'Kun' Agüero attacks Guardiola after City did not renew his son

Top scorer in the history of Manchester City and one of the main responsible for the promotion of the club in recent years, Sergio Aguero left the team at the end of this season and signed for the Barcelona

Despite having received several tributes at the club’s farewell, Omen seemed not to have a great relationship with the technician Pep Guardiola. Who revealed this was the father of the Argentine star.

In an interview with Radio La Red, Leonel del Castillo He spoke about the coach’s relationship with the footballers and made harsh criticisms of the Spanish. “I don’t believe in Guardiola. I never wanted him, he wants to be the protagonist of all the teams.”

“He said that Agüero was irreplaceable and now he does not have him in the squad. Those are things of Guardiola, he is a great coach. But from one day to the next he changes the player, the medium changes … You never know if you are a starter or not There is someone who says that you are not here to continue in the club and you have no choice but to change “.

Castle also revealed that his son had a large market in the Premier League and also in Italian football if he did not move to Barcelona.

“They said that it was not in the plans to stay at the club and that he had no other option but to change. He was until the end seeing if he could renew with City, but he could not. They did not want to,” he said with a sad tone.

“Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea were interested in him until the last minute. If he didn’t stay in England, he would go to Italian football.”

On the possibility that Omen finish your career in Independent, From the castle it was categorical. “I do not want to speak ill of Independiente, but they did not treat him well, neither to me, they did not let me enter the property anymore, nor to the brothers, they marginalized them, they did not let them play or in the Reserve,” he said.

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