FOOTBALL 12: Does Lionel Scaloni’s Argentine National Team have an identity? Is it the last chance for Ángel Di María? The previous of the duel against Chile

FOOTBALL 12: Does Lionel Scaloni's Argentine National Team have an identity?  Is it the last chance for Ángel Di María?  The previous of the duel against Chile

Ángel Di María will start again wearing the shirt of the Argentine National Team in the match that he will face his pair of the Chilean National Team and before this opportunity, in FOOTBALL 12 with Mariano closs, debated and analyzed the possibility that this match and the next one against Colombia could be the last chances for Rosario to show that he must continue to be summoned by Lionel scaloni.

In the preview of the match between the Albiceleste and the Red, the program host gave his vision about the present of the attacker from Paris Saint Germain and compared the situation of Rosario with that of Gonzalo Higuaín, where he remarked that the former Real Madrid was criticized for his failures, but he did a valuable job and also scored goals.

For its part, the great team of the show joined the debate and Esteban Edul He stated that for the coaching staff of the Argentine National Team “Di María is hierarchy” and that in this present that he is having in the Parisian team, added to the absences that the Argentine team has, he is an indispensable player.

On another topic, it was put into discussion if the selected Albiceleste directed by Scaloni it already has a defined identity and a heated debate ensued. Edul himself pointed out that the Argentine coach “is a player coach” and that he puts the players who have the best present on the field, without it being important to maintain a line of names from one game to another.

Faced with this description, Mariano Closs pointed out that “that needs hard work on a day-to-day basis, if you are putting the best all the time, unless they know what you want to play, put who you put, that job will come out for you. “.

Also, mention was made of the players who surprised Lionel Scaloni and the coaching staff of Argentina in the face of this double round of Qualifying and in the first place named Cristian Romero, defender of Atalanta, Nahuel Molina, side of Udinese and Ángel Correa, to whom they highlighted the offensive and defensive task that he fulfills in the team.

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