Max Verstappen’s change in attitude that led him to lead the Formula 1 championship

Max Verstappen

Unlike other seasons, Max verstappen is leading the World Championship of the Formula 1. Your results and team consistency Red bull made the dutch get over Lewis hamilton and get ahead. While this is over half a season away, many fans have already begun to get excited about a heads-up battle for the title.

Verstappen is renewed and it shows on the track. He is no longer the young driver who made serious mistakes in the race, as a result of his greed or his constant attack on rivals. In previous seasons, Max crashed, went off the track or even got frustrated easily, a product of the natural ‘immaturity’ of an 18-19 or 20-year-old driver who was taking his first steps in the top flight.

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Change of actitud

This is why even the Dutchman himself confessed that he had a strong change in attitude. Small modifications, which accompanied by learning and maturity in age and mentality, made it possible for me to reach the top of motor sport today. “From 17 to 23, things change. This is completely normal. I used to scream before. Now, on the other hand, I am more relaxed ”, he assured.

However, there were not only changes in his head. According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Verstappen changed his diet and training plan, something that made him gain weight and gave him a little more physical resistance for the Grand Prix. “Compared to last year, I have increased again. But in general, I never have a problem with the car. I weigh 78 kilos with all my equipment ”, he confirmed.

Verstappen has been in a relationship for some months with Kelly piquet, daughter of the World Champion, Nelson Piquet. However, the pilot of Red bull He assured that he does not talk too much with Piquet to ask for advice. “I spoke with Nelson briefly after the victory in Monaco. But it’s not about giving me advice, I have to find my own way. I also talk to my father Jos (ex Formula 1) every day. I did everything with him, without him I wouldn’t be here ”, he declared.

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