Missing the race ?: Valtteri Bottas had a serious setback before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Valtteri Bottas

It was not the expected start of the season for Valtteri Bottas. The Finnish rider comes with several adverse results, which are putting his seat in the team in check Mercedes. After the abandonment in the Monaco Grand Prix, hopes to improve this weekend in the Azerbaijan Grand PrixAlthough the beginning of the weekend already gave Bottas bad news.

This Thursday, Valtteri Bottas was supposed to be present at the official press conference of the Formula 1. However, as the broadcast began, a journalist could be seen at the microphone. This said that Bottas was not going to the conference, which is usually virtual. The reason was unclear, as several pilots were available to speak to the press.

Bottas’ replacement? George Russell puts pressure on Mercedes for 2022

However, everything seems to indicate that the flight that was transferring Valtteri Bottas, bound for Baku, was late. That is why the Mercedes driver was not present, and his participation in the first batch of free practice this Friday has not yet been confirmed. However, Bottas has already confirmed that he hopes to be in Azerbaijan in the next few hours.

“I am still in Finland. It should actually be in Baku right now. We are well prepared as a team. Hopefully I’ll be there in the afternoon ”, confirmed Bottas to the Spanish media SoyMotor.com. On the other hand, the Finn spoke for the first time about what happened at the Monaco Grand Prix, where his boss, Toto wolff, gave some of the blame to the problem in the pits.


«I saw the video and for me I stopped at the right place, so I was quite surprised. I have not spoken with Toto, we left him there, “launched Bottas, who is still on the line. This Wednesday the rumors of replacement by George Russell were fueled after the statements of Williams, who asked to be announced who will be in Mercedes next season with Lewis hamilton.

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