Sources: Barcelona opts for the continuity of DT Ronald Koeman

Sources: Barcelona opts for the continuity of DT Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman He will direct Barcelona next season and his continuity will be announced by the Barça club after the meeting that the board of directors will hold this Thursday and in which the decision will be made official, once what the president called is finished Joan Laporta “cooling off period”. Sources of the Barcelona club confirmed to ESPN Sports that the announcement could be made this Thursday, Friday at the latest, ensuring that in recent days “there were no contacts with other coaches” with the intention of replacing Koeman because “the first intention was to reach an agreement with Ronald.”

Laporta already hinted at the permanence of the Dutch coach during the official presentation of Éric García in which he resolved that the positions were “very close”, having been specified during a meeting between Koeman himself with the vice president Rafael Yuste and the soccer director Mateo Alemany.

“I already said that we were opening a period of reflection for Koeman. We have to evaluate what has gone well and what has not this last season. We needed this quiet period and the will is to respect the contract by unifying criteria that we must still specify but the talks are going very well. “the president explained, without revealing the details of those conversations.

The definitive agreement was based on two differentiated parameters: on the one hand, an economic adjustment in his contract, whose salary will vary, passing part of the fixed amount signed in his day with the previous meeting to some variables depending on the objectives achieved, and on the other, sports, complying Koeman Laporta’s demand regarding a greater vocation in terms of the team’s soccer DNA, which is already being reinforced to meet his expectations.

In the same way, the coach’s contract will include a clause that specifies that it may be extended for one more season, until 2023, depending on the decision of the board of directors.

And although last Friday, the talks between the club and the manager’s representative, Rob jansen, they seemed to tense up with messages from Jansen on social networks: “Imagine: I want to marry you, but I have doubts. Give me two weeks to find a better partner, if I cannot find the right person, we will get married anyway!”, Laporta decided to back the Dutch.

“I feel very comfortable with Ronald and I hope he does too. There were only a few points that I wanted to clarify and we are working on that,” Laporta said on Tuesday, reaffirming that the conversations between the two “are going very well” and that communication was always “very fluid. “.

“With Koeman this is going to improve and both the team and the criteria so that what happened last season does not happen to us,” the president came to point out, in a clear wink that confirmed the forthcoming agreement.

During the various meetings held in recent weeks, the president conveyed to the coach his amazement at the collapse of the team in the final stretch of the championship and the surprise that some tactical decisions caused him, reminding him that Barcelona has a marked footballing character, that he he knows well from his time as a footballer, and that that (a 4-3-3 system and I play with the wingers) should be the most appropriate.

Koeman, who accepted these premises, presented Laporta with an extensive report on the squad in which football and physical aspects were detailed, arguing through said report the shortcomings that he had to deal with throughout the season and the need to reinforce various specific positions, to which the president, the club, responded by presenting him with the list of reinforcements on which he was working and which he has already begun to specify.


From the club it has been repeated in recent weeks, and this was proclaimed by the consulted source, that the conversations have been as sincere as from the utmost respect towards a coach whose personality is indisputable in Barcelona because of what it means in its modern history and Also, both for his work with young people and for his dedication throughout the season.

A sign of the trust that has been maintained in Koeman is that in recent months he has held many meetings with Mateo Alemany and Ramón Planes, planning not only the next preseason, the stage and the possible tour, but also the preparation of the squad, agreeing with the technician the necessary signings and agreeing their names.

Si Koeman, kept Wijnaldum and Depay on the table, whose incorporation is very feasible, considered the signings of Èric García, Agüero and Emerson equally successful, understanding that they increase the competitive level in the dressing room.

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