This was the intense confrontation between Mayweather and Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul

Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul They had a very intense confrontation with a view to their fight next Sunday, June 6.

For several seconds, the undefeated American champion did not stop looking at the YouTuber that he was uncomfortable, smiling and chewing gum.

However, Logan He said he’s ready to give the big surprise of his life to Floyd and take advantage of his physical advantage to beat the former undefeated champion on June 6.

“I have nothing to lose, and this will be fun for me. I will play with FloydI’m going to end up tiring him out and then I’ll hit him very hard ”, commented the Youtuber. “I am going to disarm him both physically and mentally.”

Despite inexperience, Paul He assured that he will not use dirty techniques and is willing to show a neat display that does not tarnish the fight with Floyd.

Logan He assured that it is not a sham and will give the veteran more than one problem Mayweather.

“I will not make the fight ugly, it will be the cleanest demonstration you will see,” he said. “I think that Floyd It will go through two phases in the fight. One will be to realize that he has me well present in his head and the other will be to realize that I am not some kind of farce. That I am not just a YouTuber and I will show him in the ring. You will see that you have to work very hard. “

Despite the influence of the influencer, Mayweather He assured that he has no problem facing someone like that instead of another experienced fighter.

Although it weighs almost 16 kg less than what Logan, he assured that he will give him a good lesson and only think about having fun during combat.

Logan he has a great drive, here we are with the best of our worlds, I don’t care what he says, because all those who have faced me have said the same ”, he mentioned. “I don’t want to see it as a fight… it’s just having fun and entertaining the public. I do what I want, when I want and where I want ”

During the first official confrontation they had at the Versace mansion, Floyd he was solid and did not fall into provocations and it was finally Logan who broke up with the tense encounter.

Both fighters are getting ready to go out to the ring on June 6 in Miami like the main fight in a fight that is agreed to 8 rounds, where there will be no judges and the knockout will be allowed at any time.

The fight could not be classified as official due to the substantial differences in weight and height between the two contenders.

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