Tore it apart! Colby Covington shot Kamaru Usman and his entire team

Colby Covington.

There is no doubt that Colby covington seeks his revenge with Kamaru usman, which would be for the title. In these hours, he spoke with MMA Junkie and left a strong message to the brand new Welterweight champion of UFC. As expected, his statements caused repercussions, considering that they were serious accusations against the Nigerian.

At first, Covington He said, ‘I’m the number one contender. There is a No. 1 next to my name in the UFC rankings. I’m going to fight for a world title in my next fight, whether it’s Marty, where will he be, we don’t know where, we don’t know who yet, but we will fight for the world title. Next. Marty, the CEO of EPO, doesn’t want to fight. He wants to fight the lightweights. He probably wants a trilogy with Masvidal.

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“Last time it was six days, now it is six weeks, now he probably wants to give Masvidal six months. So he’s only looking to fight lightweights. He wants Michael Chiesa, a guy who is number 7 in the rankings who had just been beaten by (Anthony) Pettis like a year ago; now it’s not even in it UFC. So it’s a complete joke, “he said.

Is furious

In addition, Colby He stated, ‘You need to come see me. This is a fight that fans want to see and if he doesn’t want to fight me and is going to run into the sunset because he’s afraid it will take away his health, then that’s okay. But I am still fighting for the world title in my next fight, so we are going to prepare as if we are fighting for the world title next.

“It’s frustrating. He’s trying to avoid me at all costs. He knows I’m the toughest fight for him and he knows he was lucky last time. They are definitely going to have to force their hand. He is asking for a large amount of money to fight me again, so right now he is only contaminating his legacy. Fans are seeing his true side. I had a minimum of two or three rounds before the early stop, “he said. Colby covington.

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