Who will you bet on now? Dana White’s comment on the fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul.

Tyron woodley will debut in boxing against youtuber Jake paul, busting the networks and the betting houses. Considering that the former UFC champion would appear to have more weapons than Ben Askren, Dana White gets excited about what may happen. It should be remembered that the President of the company had bet on the ex-wrestler, who was finally knocked out in the first round by the influencer.

Being that way, the president of UFC You may not want to make a mistake this time. So on veteran Mike Swick’s podcast, White began by saying the following: “Tyron woodley He’s got hitting power and he’s obviously put a lot of guys to sleep in his career. Tyron Woodley doesn’t look like the Tyron Woodley of the past who put everyone to sleep. “

New victim? Jake Paul and his powerful warning message for Tyron Woodley

“He hasn’t won a fight in three years. He is going to be 40 years old. But I’ll give it to Jake paul, at least he’s intervening with a guy who can hit. It’s because it has to do with Woodley’s age and he hasn’t won a fight in three years. Tell me when was the last time you saw Woodley who looked like Woodley«, Also said the President of the leading company in the world of MMA.

To close, Dana he gave his prediction of what may happen, although he took it with great caution. It was not as accurate as in the first opportunity. He would have to go to Woodley by knockout. Listen, Woodley should knock him out, but again the Tyron woodley You speak of who was the champion is not the same damn guy he was four years ago, “summed up the American businessman.

The fight

The American youtuber, Jake paul, will be measured against Tyron woodley in your next step. Of course, it will not be another fight, considering that he crosses with the experienced fighter, who is a former UFC champion. Saturday August 28 is when everything will pass, so the fans begin to rub their hands and the anxiety grows much more every day.

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