Will he get it? They trust Tyron Woodley will be the one to knock out Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley.

In these hours, a very important character showed all his support for Tyron woodley, before colliding with Jake paul. This is the CEO of First Round Management, Malki Kawa, who spoke with MMA Fighting and shared his opinion about the crossover. This one was blunt and made it clear that the former UFC champion is not just any boxer, so he could kill him quickly.

Starting with his words, Kawa said: «The manager of Jake paul and I go back to his UFC days. When Jake Paul beat Ben Askren, he had Frank Mir on that card at Triller, and when Jake beat Ben the way he did, a lot of people thought Ben threw the fight and there was a lot of buzz around it. In fact, a lot of people gave Ben a chance, which I knew for sure he didn’t have.

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“I started talking to Nakisa Bidarian and started telling him ‘listen brother, you need to give him a legitimate opponent at some point’. It’s like giving him my wisdom on how to handle someone and all that. Generally, a guy who is 3-0 should take his time and have opponents of his level. I would have fought with Dillon Danis, which does not make sense, “he emphasized.

Trust Woodley

For its part, Malki He also stated: «Tyron woodley he is the perfect opponent. He’s 0-0 as a boxer, he’s a former UFC champion, he’s a little older but the guy has dynamite on his hands. He has boxed his entire life. Training in boxing all his life. I think there was a time when Tyron was in Los Angeles training with Freddie Roach, so it’s not like you’re talking about someone who doesn’t know how to box. “

“I spoke to Nakisa and told him that now is the time to have a match where there is a level playing field with someone who knows how to box. He may not be a professional boxer, but it didn’t matter. For me it was the perfect opportunity. I think that Jake paul he realizes that he needs a good opponent to take the next step. If you can beat Tyron, people will really start paying attention to this guy, “he closed Malki Kawa.

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