Will they accept? Beneil Dariush insists on being the next lightweight title challenger

Beneil Dariush.

Thanks to its gigantic present in UFC, Beneil Dariush puts pressure to fight for the title. After defeating Tony Ferguson in his last fight, he showed that he is ready for anything and now he wants to go after Charles Oliveira, the brand new lightweight champion. In that way, in dialogue with MMA Fighting, the extraordinary fighter was forceful and dreams of being heard.

Being so, Dariush He said, ‘I think Charles actually owes me a fight. I stepped up to fight him on short notice, right after I had fought Scott Holtzman when I was supposed to go on vacation. Sean Shelby called me the day after my fight and said ‘hey, do you want to fight Charles in five weeks?’ I believe, and I said yes, let’s do it. I think Charles owes me a fight too, if you think about it. “

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“He said he had family problems. He withdrew from my fight. He called Tony Ferguson while avoiding me, got the fight he wanted, and then fought for the belt. I’m not going to hit him. He did his thing. Got his shot at the title. He got the title. Now, trust the person you were supposed to fight. We must also remember that not only were they unharmed, it is the contract negotiations, “he said.

Think you are better off

What’s more, Beneil He said: “With these guys, contract negotiations have failed many times. I think there is a real possibility that I will fight Charles in November or December. Stylistically, I think I’m the worst matchup for him in the top five. I have the fight to beat yours. I have the blow to beat yours. I think I am more physical than him. That’s. I think I have the ability to bring him out in everything he does.

I think it looked good. I think one of the biggest weaknesses he has had is that once he falls behind, he falls apart, but in this fight he showed that he has overcome that problem. He got hurt in the first round and still found his way back in the second round. Very impressed with Charles. This is it, I’m not going to change it. I don’t care what the reason is. Unless there is divine intervention, I will not change it. Beneil Dariush.

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