Colon (Santa Fe) vs. Racing Club – Match Report – June 4, 2021

Colon (Santa Fe) vs.  Racing Club - Match Report - June 4, 2021

( – Colón touched the sky with his hands: he defeated Racing 3-0 in the final of the Professional League Cup and won the first title in its history.

The goals of the match were scored in the second half by Rodrigo Aliendro, Cristian Bernardi and Alexis Castro.

A fair and undisputed victory was achieved by Colón against Racing: he was superior throughout the game, and in the complement he was able to make a difference.

Racing showed the shortcomings that, in a striking way, led him to this final: lack of audacity to attack, also of ideas, and a very defensive approach that collapsed before the first goal from Sabalero.

Anyway, the first half was much more even than the second. Although Colón was superior in terms of handling the ball and his intentions from the game, the Academy was well stopped and did not have surprises.

Perhaps the clearest of Juan Antonio Pizzi’s in the whole game was that of Ignacio Piatti, who after a good assist from Chancalay was able to finish off inside the area, but tried to hook against Gonzalo Piovi’s mark and the defender saved what it could have been a clear play on goal.

In the second half the same intentions were seen as in the first half. Until at 12 minutes, on the right, Aliendro played with Castro, Facundo Mura sent a very good center and Aliendro himself connected as a forward center for the 1-0.

From that moment on it was all for Colón. Racing, which had to be forced to look for the result, never found the way.

And Colón began to grow from the game. The Academy left spaces, and so came the second. Bernardi took the ball from the left side, made a nice wall with Leguizamón and the midfielder, entering the area, punctured it over Chila Gómez for the 2 to 0. Pulga Rodríguez, who had been injured, was no longer there, but it is clear that the team works beyond the figures.

There were 26 minutes of play and although there was still a long way to go, a reaction from the Academy seemed impossible. The desire of Copetti and the ability of Chancalay did not reach a team that reached the final without scoring goals in the two previous games, against Vélez and Boca, when they went through penalties.

Already at the end, another center of Mura that was rejected was at the feet of Alexis Castro, who defined perfectly against Gómez to put the finishing touch to an unobjectionable victory.

Racing, which did not have Arias and Mena, called up to the Chilean team, was left empty-handed, surely thinking of improving collectively. And especially from the midfield forward, since without a doubt it is difficult for him to generate play and supply the attackers, who often dedicate themselves more to defending than to attack.

Colón, who also suffered casualties from Covid 19 and injuries, won his zone with authority. And later, in the quarterfinals, they beat Talleres on penalties 5 to 3 (the game in the 90 minutes ended tied 1 to 1) and then beat Independiente 2-0 without discussion. And he is a fair champion.

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