El Pulga Rodríguez, the player other than Colón for the final

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El Pulga Rodríguez, the player other than Colón for the final

Luis Miguel Rodríguez, better known as El Pulga, is undoubtedly the figure of Colón de Santa Fe. And of the Professional League Cup.

Born in Simoca, Tucumán, on January 1, 1985, the 36-year-old forward is going through a great moment in his career.

Without a doubt, Rodríguez is one of the greatest idols in the history of Atlético Tucumán. With the Dean, he played 325 games and scored 130 points. After a brief stint at Newell’s in 2010/2011, the other club he played for is Colón.

He arrived at Sabalero for the 2019 season, played 61 games and scored 24 goals.

The flea measures 1.67 meters and weighs 75 kilos. It is pure talent. A cerebral and thinking player who defines coldly when he is face to face with the goalkeeper; He can perfectly execute a free kick, or a shot from the penalty spot.

But he also offers many solutions thrown back, with vision of the playing field, to enable a teammate and give a goal assist.

He is a decisive player for Domínguez and the team. Her impudence also leads her to another area: her mischief with the referees is known, to throw a “pipe” at them after the draw, before the start of the game. Several judges have suffered. Will he try it in the final against Pitana?

Inside the field of play it is experience and talent. In this campaign he was decisive, scoring eight goals, two of them from penalties.

He is already the scorer of the Cup, with eight goals, since he shares with River forward, Santos Borré. But he wants more, and will seek to be the maximum gunner alone.

“I don’t know if it will be my last game, but my contract ends on June 30. We’ll see. I want to think only about the final, hopefully we can become champions ”, said the soccer player, summarizing the sentiment of the Sabalero people.

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