English clubs will ask Florentino Pérez to dissolve the Super League, sources reveal

English clubs will ask Florentino Pérez to dissolve the Super League, sources reveal

BARCELONA – Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea will request Florentino Pérez to dissolve the partnership they created to launch the Super League, according to different sources revealed to ESPN.

On April 18, the six great of the Premier, together with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atlético de Madrid announced the birth of the Superliga with Florentino Pérez as president.

However, just a few days later, the six English clubs, the two Milan teams and Atlético decided to give up the project due to the large amount of opposition they encountered.

Madrid, Barça and Juve are the only three clubs that continue with the project but the partnership they created between the 12 members still continues.

In this way, different sources revealed to ESPN that in the coming days the six Premier League teams, with the knowledge of Inter, Milan and Atlético, will send a request to Florentino to dissolve the company created for the birth of the championship. .

The same source explains to ESPN that, once Florentino has that formal request in his possession, he will have between two and four weeks to convene a meeting with all the members of the Super League to undo the company.

The source adds that if Florentino refuses to do so, the six English clubs would even consider making the request through the courts.

Another source from the English clubs highlighted the difficulties and existing legal doubts about the project, with uncertainty as to what minimum number of clubs must survive in the Super League to be able to cause its dissolution and if it can be achieved without going to court.

UEFA accepted the repentance of 9 teams that left the Super League but has opened a file to Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

ESPN already reported on May 5 that they face a penalty of up to two seasons without playing the Champions League and a resolution is expected in the coming weeks.

This same week, LaLiga president Javier Tebas declared that the three teams could be excluded from the top continental competition.

“More than a sanction, UEFA could not register Madrid and Barça in the Champions League. I think they can stay out ”, warned Tebas on GOL TV.

However, days ago, Laporta made it clear that Barça continues to support the creation of the Super League and assured that the Catalan club will even go to TAS if UEFA finally decides to sanction them.

“We do not plan to apologize for thinking. If they sanction us, we will go to TAS and we are sure that we will win. We are not going to sit idly by. There was pressure from governments, countries and UEFA itself and the format of this competition does not exist. Now there is a company with rights that a court has attributed to it and that judge has sent the case to the Luxembourg court to ratify this right that we have, “Laporta explained a few days ago.

“If you wanted to organize the competition, you could organize it,” insisted Laporta, very much in line with Florentino Pérez on this issue, finishing his speech by showing a desire to negotiate: “We are going to sit down with UEFA, FIFA and with everyone “It is a chain and it will end up reaching the less strong clubs. We defend it because we have this problem and we are suffering it. UEFA says it is in the process of solving it but it is not solved. We must look for a better, more attractive format.”

For his part, Andrea Agneli, president of Juventus, stressed this morning that “the birth of the Super League” was due to a “desperate cry for help” and not as “a coup.”

“The agreement between its founders was conditioned on prior recognition by UEFA. The response was silence, with offensive expressions and arrogant methods, although only three clubs were later pointed out,” concluded the Italian executive.

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