It is worth dreaming: The 1×1 of the good level of the players of the Colombian National Team in the defeat of Peru

It is worth dreaming: The 1x1 of the good level of the players of the Colombian National Team in the defeat of Peru

The Colombian National Team thrashed as a visitor in Lima 0-3 to its similar from Peru for the Qualifiers and the Tricolor players left a very good image after the first official match of the second cycle of the process, Reinaldo Rueda as coach of the national team.

The victory allows the Colombians who reached seven points in sixth place in the Qualifiers to dream.

David Ospina: The captain was never highly demanded and in the few approaches he demonstrated his experience and safety. The most difficult thing was to stop a shot from Guerrero that did not arrive with enough power. When he did it as a libero he even left the area doing a chest control and having Paolo in front of him in attack. He led the rest of the players when it was necessary in the discussions with the Peruvians and with the referee, however, he saw the warning after protesting the expulsion of Daniel Muñoz.

Stefan Medina: He received a yellow card at 19 ‘after obstructing Carrillo when the Peruvian player was preparing to win the final line and send the cross. He came in strong when he had to hold the mark on the right wing and at the beginning of the game he had some escapes in attack thanks to the relief of Cuadrado. Already when Colombia had a player more than the Peruvians by minutes, he launched into attack and with a fine center he put it to Uribe to score.

Yerry Mina: Attentive in defense to avoid the Peruvian goal at minute 8 ‘, always in attack he was sought in corner kicks and free kicks. The first goal of Colombia came down, Cuadrado crossed, Zapata touched her head and then came the great air force of Mina who, using her height, put her in the hole in the face of the obvious impotence of the Peruvians. On the defensive quiet ball he was also relentless.

Dávinson Sánchez: Colombian defenders in general did not suffer the game and the one who had the least to appear was Dávinson. In the little that he was seen he was very safe and delivering the ball to the foot of his teammates. In the aerial balls he cleared firmly when he should have.

William Tesillo: He lived a constant duel with Advíncula, the Peruvian won some duels and it was where Peru caused more damage to Colombia, in a play of minute 8 ‘the home team almost managed to score after the Peruvian attack. He was not fine with the ball, he failed to deliver, he tried long passes, but they were easily intercepted by the local defense.

Gustavo Cuéllar: He was imposing in midfield, he ran from side to side, he went to the crash when he had to and when he regained possession of the ball, he delivered with clarity and tranquility. He knew how to send her to the stands when the game needed him and at minute 74 ‘he got the yellow card for a foul on the edge of the area. It was the great axis of the team in the midfield, the game in Colombia was built from its security and the confidence it generated from the middle of the pitch.

Matheus Uribe: He collaborated on the brand, but was the midfielder with the most freedom to move on the field. He tried it first with a header after a center from Cuadrado, but his shot went wide, however, at the beginning of the second half he was infallible with an accurate header and put the second after a precise center from Stefan Medina.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado: He was the great benchmark on the right wing, he did it as a winger, but always attentive to his usual defensive functions in Juventus and thus allowed Stefan Medina to get to the bottom and made a very dangerous trio with a Duván Zapata who was showed a little more forward. His poisonous centers appeared again and they were constant throughout the game, first he sent the ball to Matheus Uribe who was about to score and then to Duván Zapata who later served for Yerry Mina’s goal to arrive. He lived an intense duel with Miguel Trauco who gave him two hard fouls that became yellow and then a red card. First the Peruvian was strong with a hard kick and then in the dispute for the ball he knocked it down with a slap on the face of the Juve player. When Muñoz was expelled, he returned to the position of winger as he is known in Italian football in recent seasons.

Luis Diaz: He had a start in which he got into the midfield and then settled on the left, he helped Tesillo by doubling the mark, Aldo Sebastián Corzo marked him with everything on the band and prevented him from showing his explosiveness in attack. For the second half, thanks to the numerical inferiority of the Peruvians, he had greater freedom on the attack front and thus entered the area, received from Muriel, turned and scored on Gallese’s goal.

Luis Fernando Muriel: When Colombia lowered the intensity it was the one that tried to put mobility and power on it. He started several times making diagonals from the left and sought to enter the pair, he tried the partnership with Luis Díaz and when he could finish from the edge of the area he tried, however, his shots went high. His intention to search for Díaz paid off in the second half when he won the final line and sent a pass back into the area where the guajiro scored.

Duván Zapata: His location more thrown on the right was surprising, especially in the first half, with his power he was very important to find the opposite goal, he sent the center when he could and tried to finish, but Luis Abram always intercepted his shots. It was fundamental in the first goal of Colombia after the center of Cuadrado. The ‘Bull’ touched her head in the first instance and then came Mina’s goal.

Daniel Muñoz: He entered at minute 57 ‘in place of Stefan Medina and his appearance lasted just one minute. He had a foray into attack and after a strong tackle on Marcos López saw the direct red card.

Yairo Moreno: He came in to replace Luis Díaz very drawn as a net winger on the left, he controlled possession and was precise with some changes from the front to the right. He sought the goal with a long-distance shot, but the ball went to the skies. It was a great stopper on the left for Tesillo, a job he usually does with his compatriot at León de México.

Rafael Santos Borré: He replaced Luis Fernando Muriel at the end of the game, had movements in and out of the area, but they prevented him from finishing when he tried.

Wilmar Barrios: He replaced Duván Zapata to close the game as the second net midfielder of the brand alongside Cuellar.

Miguel Angel Borja: He entered for Matheus Uribe when the game was already defined, he tried to move around the front of the attack and looking for his teammates in attack.

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