José Pellicena: “Comprehensive support for young players is essential”

José Pellicena: "Comprehensive support for young players is essential"

One of the main goals of the UAR academies is to continue working on the integral formation of the person that enters this field and is linked to such relevant aspects as respect, education, discipline, order, punctuality, study, perseverance and collaboration.

Within the framework of M20 concentration, which is being carried out at Casa Pumas, coach José Pellicena explained this crucial role when it comes to training young players.

The Argentine team M20 will travel to South Africa in the next few days to compete in the U20 International Series, from June 18 to July 7, in quadrangular format with the set local, Georgia and Uruguay.

About the one-to-one talks with the players under his charge, the former La Plata Rugby player stated that “these types of matches are generally closely linked not only to merely technical or game aspects, but also to emotional condition and moods. We also focus on how we do to link that with the game, after a particular year and a reality that we are experiencing without precedent ”.

About the boys training He said that “we consider that it is essential to understand and address issues comprehensively. Comprehensive support for young players is essential and that’s what it’s all about ”.

On things that you can find when this exchange arises, he affirmed that “without a doubt, a very great capacity for analysis of the boys and a great predisposition of them to talk and share technical aspects, and how they are living day to day. Also strategic ideas to share and enjoy. To look together for tools that can serve them for a greater well-being and that can have an emotional balance when they go out on the court ”.

Permanent exchange with young people is essential, since “they learn and take this type of dialogue with us very well. They feel accompanied and they feel that we are a tool that can help them to be better, to be better players, without neglecting the part that they improve as people every day ”, added Pellicena.

Regarding the anxiety and the lists, the former scrum half said that “When they are near a list, anxiety appears and expectation grows. That is why we seek to help them with tools to regulate those emotions. Manage that stress that appears at the moment ”.

Finally, he added that “to convey to them that this is a part of a player and people development process. It is not the end or the goal of anyone to be or not to be on such a list. That is why we also have to value the boys who make an effort and raise their hands, whether for a youth instance or for a senior instance ”.

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