Monchi says that, if he reincarnates in someone, he would do it in Bilardo

Monchi says that, if he reincarnates in someone, he would do it in Bilardo

The sports general director of Sevilla, Ramón Rodríguez ‘Monchi’, assured that, if he could, he would reincarnate in the Argentine coach Carlos Salvador Bilardo, the coach who has influenced him the most.

Monchi, the most successful sports director in Spanish football, responsible for signings such as those of Dani Alves, Julio Baptista, Ivan Eakitic or Carlos Bacca, was under Bilardo’s command during the 1991-92 season, when he was Sevilla’s goalkeeper and declared himself openly “bilardista”.

He goes so far as to ensure that, if he reincarnates into someone, he would like to do it in the “big nose”, because he is the person who has influenced him the most in the world of football.

“It would not be him because he is unique, but I would have liked to be with him long before,” he stated during the telematic round table of the FORMEX V1S1ÓN FOOTBALL conference cycle in which he participated together with Xavi Vilajoana, head of the FC Barcelona B and FC Barcelona Femenino and which Sevilla has reported on their website.

The Sevillista manager affirmed that in today’s football “everyone” is looking for “complete footballers” like Sául or Marcos Llorente “to speak of the League champion”, Atlético de Madrid, “but then a Pedri will come who will break everything”, in reference to “that innate talent”.

Monchi maintained that, despite the fact that today “that footballer who is excellent in many more aspects” is being sought, then there are players who break the schemes such as the Canarian of Barcelona, ​​who “is not great, is not strong and does more kilometers than no one without having the ball taken away from him. “

“We have created a football in which the center-back who is no taller than 1.85 begins to have problems. If the full-back does not go back and forth, the same. We start looking for profiles, but there will always be that innate talent. We are all looking for that player All-terrain vehicle that is not pigeonholed in a position, “said Monchi, who also gave the example of culé Frankie De Jong:” he plays everything and plays well. That is what we aspire to, “he said.

On the gradual disappearance of football from before, which was learned in the street, he commented that he learned to stop “in the cement of the neighborhood” and it was not until 1993 that he began to work with a goalkeeping coach, “with (Rinat) Dassaev together to (Juan Carlos) Unzué “.

“We have forgotten that on the street you can also learn to play soccer, especially at those ages when you can give more freedom and not pigeonhole players so much,” he said.

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