They want knockout: Mayweather and Paul agree to 10-ounce gloves

Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr Y Logan paul agreed to fight with 10-ounce gloves instead of 12, thus increasing punching impact and looking for a possible knockout heading into their match in Miami of this Sunday, June 6.

The size of the gloves has been reduced in the negotiation, and Mayweather accepts that he wants to lower it even more for the fight with Logan paul. The smaller the glove, the more punching impact.

“At first we talked about 14 ounces, then we went down to 16. But from the beginning I wanted to fight 8 just like Logan“, Commented Mayweather to Sky Sports. “Hopefully it can go down to eight. It was 10, then 12. And now we are back at 10. Excellent, that’s what I want ”.

On the other hand, the YouTuber He was also happy with the reduction in the size of the gloves and promised to surprise the public and himself. Mayweather the moment he lands his first hit.

“I hit very hard, you will see the eyes of Floyd in the first moment I connect it ”, he considered. “Everyone who looks at us doesn’t really think about how we have prepared. You will see that I have put my heart and soul in preparing for this fight.

“They have misled the public”

Floyd mayweather he also attacked the brothers again Paul prior to the combat and assured before a group of reporters in the Versace Mansion who have been fooling viewers by selling themselves as real boxers.

“These guys have done him good,” he said. “Hats off to them, they have misled the public by pretending they are real fighters. They will see it on Sunday. But that’s the truth, folks. And I just won’t use my stellar game. “

Floyd established that Paul He can’t get into the ring weighing more than 190 pounds and could exceed him by nearly 50 by the time the bell for the match rings.

However, Floyd He said he was not concerned about the potential weight difference, as he relies on his experience and ability to beat the influencer.

“It doesn’t go through my head or use plan B or C, I can use plan Z and I don’t have to hit him hard to change the result,” he confessed. “I will keep saying that all the time. I will win. I have done that all my life ”.

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