Top 14: defining day with a great Argentine presence

Top 14: defining day with a great Argentine presence

On Saturday the last date of the French Top 14 is played and it will be a day of great definitions. While there is an outline, since Toulouse, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Racing 92 are classified, still they remain to be defined who will be the semifinalists, both equipment missing enter to playoff and who will play the repechage for permanence. As always, the Argentines will say present on a defining day.

For a place in the semifinals is Toulouse (77 points), who will have to visit Bordeaux (72), who still dreams of entering the top two, but must win and wait for other results. On one side will be Santiago Chocobares in the center of the court and Juan Cruz Mallía in the substitute bench. Meanwhile, Bordeaux will have from the start Guido Petti and Santiago Cordero.

La Rochelle (77), with Facundo Bosch holder, will go for a ticket to the semifinals, by visiting to Clermont (67) fighting for nothing less than a playoff spot. Racing 92 (73), without Juan Imhoff and Emiliano Bofelli, will define his future when he receives Brive (51), without Axel Muller and Lucas Paulos..

Stade Français (66) will have a dangerous visit to the Jean Dauger stadium to face to Bayonne (45). Gonzalo Quesada’s team must win to ensure a place at the small table of the candidates for the title and ordered the entry from the beginning of Pablo Matera. For the premises, with Mariano Galarza on the second line, victory is an imperative to avoid repechage for permanence.

Castres (64), with Benjamín Urdapilleta as the starter and Santiago Arata on the bench, will have a defining match against Toulon (66), who will have Facundo Isa from the start. The local will have to win and wait for results while the visitors with a win will have one foot inside.

It will also be defined on the last day who will be the team that will play the repechage for remaining against the loser of the Pro D2 final. There, Pau (41) will receive Montpellier (54) and in case of winning it will have to hope that Bayonne does not add before the Stade Français.

Two teams close the day that will not have much at stake. Lyon (60) no longer has a chance to enter the playoff and Agen, who It has been several dates that he is condemned to play in the Pro D2 next season. With the described scenarios, several cases of ties can occur. As a reminder, the Top 14 rule states that if two or more teams are tied at the end of the regular season, their ranking will be established taking into account the following factors:

– Number of points obtained in all matches between the teams in question (including, where appropriate, bonus and penalty points)

– Average of points in all matches of the competition

Thus, in the event of a tie, Toulon will have an advantage over Clermont and Stade Français, Clermont over Stade Français and over Castres and Stade Français over Castres. In the event of a possible three-way tie between Clermont, Toulon and Stade Français, it will be the yellows who qualify.

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