Exciting! Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul promise one of the best fights ever

Floyd Mayweather.

At the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul they will put on a real show. The legendary 44-year-old boxer will face the young American fighter and youtuber, who wants to break his undefeated 50-0. Although the victory or defeat will not be official, he wants to go down in history in the best way. That being the case, the previous one has been lived with a lot of emotion.

Initially, Floyd mayweather acknowledged the following on Showtime: “It is entertainment for people who want to be entertained, which has been suffering for the past 18 months due to the pandemic. We never told people in the boxing world that they had to watch. We hope you all see it on Sunday, but you don’t have to. “

After the face to face, all the information of the crossing between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

Likewise, his opposite, the famous youtuber, explained: «This is going to be a dog fight. It’s going to be hell on earth for both of us. Given this, Stephen Espinoza, president of Showtime Sports, said: “We can do both together without contaminating ourselves. The danger is when you start to mix and match events, and try to present one as the other. They are different products and must be handled differently.

A unique evening

«It is an exhibition match. We are having fun. It’s not a fair fight, bro. There are weight classes in boxing for a reason. Floyd trusts the idea that I’m shit. For your sake, let’s hope it stinks. But I don’t think it stinks. I think I’m pretty good “, was what he acknowledged Logan paul in the last hours, making it clear that he will go for everything and that he seeks to liquidate him.

On the other hand, Leonard Ellerbe, executive director of Mayweather Promotions, commented: “This is nothing more than a very entertaining exhibition.” Likewise, another well-known fighter, Pascal, mentioned: “For a guy who only has two fights, he is very good. He is very athletic and has good cardio. People might be surprised. Without a doubt, the expectations are huge for this battle.

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