Fernando Alonso wants to be at the top again in Formula 1: «I’m enjoying it»

Fernando Alonso

The 2021 season marked the return of one of the greatest idols of the Formula 1. Fernando Alonso He decided that this year was the right one to return to the most famous cars in the world, after two years of standing. At that time, the Spaniard assured that he was no longer enjoying his competition. However, this Friday he affirmed that since he is back the story is different: “I’m enjoying

The results obtained so far do not seem to accompany these statements much. So far this season, Alonso has only been able to score twice. However, the Spaniard arrives at the following races with several improvements to his car. This Sunday, in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Alonso is a firm candidate to finish in the top ten and score again.

Fernando Alonso already has his «future champion» of Formula 1

“It is a matter of time to find the key. We are doing things well and I am not concerned in terms of performance. I am happier than expected, I am enjoying every weekend a lot. Even when there are no races, I miss it. I look forward to the triple date of France and the two of Austria“, Assured the Spanish to the media Soymotor.com

On the other hand, Alonso affirmed that his performance is not bad, but that he must have a ‘change of chip’ in the rankings of the Grand Prix. “I am happy with Sundays, not with Saturdays. There are things we have to keep working on, especially when preparing the tires. On Sundays I am more or less happy, we have scored twice and in the other races we have been close to the top ten ”.

Stand up

When Alonso left Formula 1, many fans were saddened. However, the Spaniard commented that he no longer felt like in the top flight. “It was necessary to stop two years, I had been 18 seasons in a row without stopping in Formula 1. Full dedication was too demanding for me, and besides, I had other pending challenges. He needed to do them to come back happier and enjoy himself, and he even felt like he was wasting time. Now I am free to have fun every weekend ”, he commented to close.

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