Flexible spoilers: Follow the war between Mercedes and Red Bull in Formula 1

Max Verstappen

The controversy is still part of the paddock of the Formula 1. After a 2020 season in which the YOU GIVE was the protagonist between the battle of Red bull Y Mercedes, a new component joins this year: Los flexible ailerons. This device, which generates many doubts in those who enforce the technical regulations of the category, caused the team leaders to have an all-out war.

In the last hours, the boss of the Red Bull team, Christian horner, did not have half measures. Horner responded harshly to complaints from Toto Wolff, boss of Mercedes, ensuring that his team also has parts of his car that border on illegality. On the other hand, the head of the structure was annoyed by the constant repetitions he had of his rear wing on television.

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“There was a lot of noise about the rear wing and a lot of revisions had to be made. So if you’re serious about one end of the car, you have to look at the other. You cannot review a part in isolation and say that the rule set only applies to that part of the car. You have to look at all the areas. And sometimes, you have to be a little careful what you wish for, ”Horner said, referring to Mercedes’ complaints.

Mercedes spoiler

According to Horner, the front wing of the Mercedes car has quite a few irregularities. That is why, he assured that he hopes that Wolff does not continue with this game. “You can see the sponsor that they wear on the front wing, and then it disappears when you enter a braking zone. Maybe that’s what it is for, to give exposure to the new sponsor on the front wing. I think if I were Toto, with the front wing that he has on his car, I would keep my mouth shut, ”he shot.


However, Horner justified the use of these ailerons, ensuring that this is part of the discipline. “I think that’s part of the competition in this sport, pushing the limits. That’s what Formula 1 is all about. You have to be legal, you have to be within the rules, but you have to go beyond those limits. That’s what we do, like any other team in the pitlane, ”he said.

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