Floyd Mayweather to enter the ring almost 35 pounds under Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather to enter the ring almost 35 pounds under Logan Paul

Floyd mayweather Y Logan paul They complied with the weigh-in heading into their exhibition contest, with the former world champion stopping the scale at 155 pounds, while the YouTuber scored 189.5, meeting the agreed-upon figure.

During the last confrontation, Floyd I just smile at some teasing attempts from Logan Paul, but there was no exchange of insults as had previously happened.

“He is not ready, it is the most important fight of the career of Floyd“, Commented Paul. “He is not the greatest for me, he has everything to lose. Tomorrow I will beat the best boxer in history ”.

It should be noted that the difference of almost 35 pounds between the two is the point that defined that the fight was not declared an official fight.

However, Mayweather is fully confident that his skill and past in the ring give him a substantial advantage over the star of Youtube.

“I’m not worried about what he says, he has been at the top for 25 years so I know what to do and that will be to win on Sunday.

Logan registers a single loss to him too Youtuber, Olajide Olatunji (KSI) in 2019 in a fight that was defined by split decision in the Staples Center.

Later Jake He has been in constant preparation and will now face one of the greatest boxers of all time.

“When I hit Floyd they’ll see it jump, ”he said. “Anyone who looks down on us will be shocked. I have put my heart and soul into this fight and I will teach everyone a hard lesson. “

Mayweather does not fight since his combat with Conor mcgregor in 2017 where he pocketed an approximate of 100 million dollars to leave his mark undefeated in 50 wins, later he won 9 million for an exhibition in Japan.

Mayweather he hopes to win 50-100 grand from the fight as well, blowing up his purse for more than he would get fighting one of the active fighters. It is also expected that the Youtuber can secure about 20.

Among some of the rules for the fight it was defined that it would be 8 rounds of 3 minutes, there will be no judges, no head protectors will be used and 10 ounce gloves will be used, in addition to knockouts are allowed.

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