Lakers, victims of their success

LeBron James takes on Lakers elimination against Suns: "We couldn't show our true potential"

Lakers paid the price of depending on LeBron James and Anthony Davis because by not having them together their numbers went down until they were eliminated

LeBron James is going to have the most unique summer of his life for the premiere of Space Jam II, surrounded by cameras as always, but far from the real game that he and Anthony Davis indulged in so fully six months ago, that now they are left with the empty tank.

They gave it their all to lift the title and the shortest layoff in NBA history led them into the regular season with fewer career games played.45 for James and 36 for Davis, already a premature dismissal from the playoffs in the first round.

The Lakers paid the price of being a super team based on only two pieces, so versatile that it was enough to support a pyramid the size of Staples Center.But as soon as one broke, the structure collapsed without the other being able to do much to hide the problems.

Without LeBron on the court, the Lakers had a losing record of 12-15 this season, and since Davis’ injury in Game 4 against the Suns, they have been outscored by a total of 50 points, limited to below 33% effectiveness in 3-pointers, 37% on field goals and defeated in the rebounding battle.

Kyle Kuzma is perhaps the most responsible for not developing as needed with only 6.3 points per game in the series against the Suns, without being a power factor from the bench and away from his generation colleagues who do weigh in other cities like Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, De’Aron Fox or Bam Adebayo.

Of course, there are other teams that still look very strong despite the injuries of their stars, such as the Nets throughout the season or the Nuggets who stopped having Jamal Murray a month ago, but in both cases clarification would have to be made. .

The Nets are, unlike the Lakers, a monster with three heads, so if you cut one of them they will move on, although the formula for failure is still an injury away, Kevin Durant’s of course, so stop being favorites when things get more serious against the Bucks or later. Hopefully it doesn’t happen.

The Nuggets, on the other hand, do not meet the definition of a super team built in free agency, with Nicola Jokic, Michael Porter Jr and Monte Morris taken in the draft, as well as Murray, added to a cast that did come from outside. but only as a complement to quite deep roots.

The Lakers paid the price for their success, to manufacture a championship with the most dominant pair in the NBA, but as fragile as their supporting players and that is a problem that management must immediately correct around Anthony Davis, the only hope. of their future as long as they don’t do better in the draft.

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