“They need to be paid with a little more justice”: Jake Paul lashes out at Dana White

Jake Paul y Dana White

Jake paul continues its attacks on the president of the UFC, Dana White, and this time he accused him of not paying his fighters enough for risking their lives inside the Octagon.

“They risk their lives and can die in the ring and need to be paid with a little more justice,” he said. Paul in a video posted by the former fighter of UFC, Jimi Manuwa. “Sometimes they seem to be tied to shitty contracts and they don’t know what to do. Fuck that Dana White“.

The criticisms of Paul increased by ensuring that the company White is not fair to the true faces of the business and does not understand how you fight like Francis Ngannou vs. Jon jones they simply are not carried out.

“Of all the sports, the percentage that the owners stay against the one that goes for the athletes is the lowest of all,” he said. “Ngannou vs. Jon jones, that fight must have happened. Dana White He should have paid them the 10 million, but he takes the money. I should appreciate that they are the ones who make the content, they are the ones who put their lives at risk in the ring ”.

Paul prepares to step into the ring before another former mixed martial arts fighter as Tyron woodley, after defeating Ben askren who he struck down in the first episode of their fight last April.

Nevertheless, Askren won the best bag of his career, a figure he did not get when he made the roster of Bellator Y UFC.

On the fight with the former mixed martial arts champion, Paul He also said he will have no problems and it will be another easy fight to extend his undefeated record by four fights.

“He’s not as good as me,” he considered. ” “He knows how to hit. I know he’s famous for knocking out people before, but when he beats him people will have to give me a little more respect. It’s not what I fight for, I just know how good I am. And this will be another very simple fight. Showtime he knows that I am the future of boxing ”.

Likewise, the YouTuber He was not very impressed by the veteran’s physique and assured that feeling out of his element will be essential for him to be able to end him.

“We see a lot of eggs in their game,” he said. “Muscles don’t fight and he won’t be where he feels most comfortable. This is boxing, not mixed martial arts. You can’t learn to box in such a short time. We will show you the new reign of this sport. The boy from Disney will defeat the 5-time world champion of UFC, it will be very funny ”.

Woodley He has not won a match in the UFC with whom he recently ended his contract for more than three years.

The fight with Paul will mark his boxing debut on August 1 at a venue that has yet to be defined.

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