Who won? Laureano Staropoli quarreled with Charles Oliveira in the room

Laureano Staropoli.

In the preview of UFC Vegas 28, Laureano Staropoli went viral for a video he shared on Instagram. The extraordinary Argentine fighter shares a team with Charles Oliveira, the brand new Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion. Before his fight this Saturday with Roman Dolidze, he was very active on social networks, leaving images that were all the rage.

Sharing a room, Staropoli tried to take advantage of a distraction from Oliveira, who was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at his cell phone. At that moment, he slowly approached from behind and tried to subdue him, which he was unable to do. For this reason, the situation turned around and he almost ended up being the one who had to have tapas. Before that, he wrote: “Not even so I could subdue him.”

Will it succeed? Laureano Staropoli seeks to become UFC champion

Confident for what is to come

Very well accompanied, in dialogue with MMA Fighting at this time, Staropoli he praised Charles Oliveira for what he has achieved: “He motivates me. I’m Chute Boxe, I’m friends with Charles, I always train with him and that motivates me. It’s our time now, it’s Chute Boxe time. It is time to raise our flags and secure more victories and many good things for us.

“I walk around 93 kilos (205 pounds) and from 93 kilos to 77 kilos (170 pounds) is a long journey. I can probably still do 77 kilos, but then my performance hampers and that’s the problem. The fight is against the opponent, not against the scale. Sometimes it seems that they gave you permission to leave the hospital instead of looking like you are preparing to fight, “he also emphasized.

What’s more, Laureano Staropoli He commented, “This is a new beginning. This is a new beginning for everything that I have been through, for all the lessons that life has given me, this is a new beginning for me and not only for me but for everyone who is behind me because I do not do this for myself same, there are many people with me. I know that with a victory and positioning myself well, I can help a lot of people.

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