Checo Pérez’s infamous victory in the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Fórmula 1

Tremendous ending. When nobody expected it, Max verstappen, an accident and a red flag, gave us the most exciting last lap of the last years of the Formula 1. After the suspension due to the Dutchman’s crash, Czech Pérez he was left with the victory in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. This result will be essential for the fight for the team championship.

The race was called off with a red flag after Max Verstappen blew out the left rear tire and crashed into the protections on the track. Baku. However, the race management decided that the test should resume with two laps to go, and with a stopped start, paralyzing the hearts of Formula 1 fans.

When Verstappen left, Pérez took the lead and Lewis hamilton it was second. In this way, the Briton was left with a result that served him to be in first place in the championship. Before the highlight, he radioed his team to gauge how risky the exit was going to be. However, the champion played it in the first corner of the circuit and everything went wrong.

Hamilton over-braked at the first corner and was quickly overtaken by all the cars on the grid. Finishing in 15th place, Hamilton scored no points and left everything as it was before starting the race. The podium was completed Sebastian vettel (the first with Aston martin) Y Pierre Gasly, that endured Charles Leclerc until the end.

Championship status

After the madness that was the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Max Verstappen maintains the leadership of the World Championship with 105 points. For his part, Lewis Hamilton keeps the 101 he had harvested until this Sunday. For his part, Checo Pérez climbs to third place with 69. In the Constructors’ Championship, Red Bull maintains the lead and moves away from Mercedes with 174 units, against 148 points for the German team.

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