“It is going to be devastated”, Paul Malinaggi and his prediction of Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder y Tyson Fury

The former world champion, Paulie malignaggi, believes that Deontay Wilder has no chance of beating Tyson fury at the close of his trilogy on July 24.

“I am sure that Wilder will be completely destroyed, “he commented Malignaggi to The Schmo. “I think we will see a huge beating that will send him to a place he never thought for suffering a second resounding defeat.”

Paulie He also assured that Wilder has not been close to beating Fury in his previous confrontations and that he is condemned to repeat the same story to fail in the third attempt to defeat Fury.

“The first time I thought Fury he surpassed him in points, the second was the beating that we all saw and that usually changes a lot of fighters ”, he commented. “If you ask about another beating, I don’t know what he’s up to. You don’t know how to fight backwards and you won’t find out now. When Fury start to push it back it will be the end ”.

Despite the compliments to Fury, Paulie believes that Wilder He’ll come into combat with the right mindset, but he thinks it’s more of a self-convincing role that won’t end up working when he puts on his gloves and rings the bell.

“I think Wilder it has the right focus, ”he said. “You have to view things with some denial if you’re going to get into a fight like this again. Mentally you have to be very strong ”.

Fury Y Wilder faces will be seen in Las Vegas by the belt of the completes of the CMB.

The winner of the match would emerge as the main candidate to fight against Anthony Joshua at the end of the year for the unification of the division.

“You have to see it that way because if you have the slightest doubt, you will end up suffering a lot of damage,” he added. “The fact that you think you are getting your mind right does not by any means mean that I think you can win.”

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