Magnificent! Floyd Mayweather wants to train Tyron Woodley for his fight with Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley.

Coming soon, Tyron woodley will have the help of Floyd mayweather for his first boxing fight. The former UFC champion will be measured against Jake paul in what will be his debut as a professional boxer. Given that, taking into account the crossing that “Money” had with the youtuber weeks ago, the MMA legend would have him as a coach to be able to liquidate the controversial influencer.

At the previous press conference, Mayweather commented: “Give me Tyron woodley. I’ll make sure to be at camp and train him for this fight. I want Tyron Woodley to come to Las Vegas and work with us. They just texted me, let’s do it. I just spoke to him today. Sure, why wouldn’t he train with the greatest fighter of all time? He is already my dog.

Automatic revenge? Jake Paul’s request if he loses to Tyron Woodley

“We’ve been talking about training anyway, so sure, I’ll definitely take it. It depends on what you want to do. It depends on him. He could do it fast or he could make it last, he can do whatever he wants, so to be honest the fight depends on Floyd mayweather, what he wants to happen, “said the extraordinary and legendary American fighter.

A spicy cross

The return of Floyd mayweather Boxing was out of control after what was the promotional event for his match with Logan Paul. At that time, the influencer with whom he signed a millionaire contract to face at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami came to the site with his brother, Jake paul. This managed to enrage «Money», who wants to destroy him for his daring.

Everything exploded when, in the press conference that was held in the same scene of the fight, Mayweather came face to face with Logan. There, unexpectedly, his brother heated things up. Jake paul He dared to remove the cap from the legendary American, generating a real scandal. At that moment, they all crossed paths and “Money” himself almost beat the youtuber to death. Therefore, it will help Tyron woodley.

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