Ready? Santiago Ponzinibbio gave names for his next UFC war

Santiago Ponzinibbio.

Santiago Ponzinibbio, Argentine emblem of the MMA, he put up a real kind of fight in his last battle. In the UFC Vegas 28, the one from La Plata came with everything to get back among the best in the Welterweight division. It was not easy at all, considering that in front was Miguel Baeza, one who arrived with an undefeated 10-0 in his favor. But, after the victory, he already thinks about what is coming.

In a beginning, Ponzinibbio He said, ‘I needed that. It took me 15 minutes to show what I can do. I’m still here to fight the best fighters in the world. This is like testing tonight. This Miguel Baeza guy gives me more courage in my victory, he’s a tough guy. He may not be very popular, he is new but he is a very nice guy. It is a prospect. It is very hard and it gives me more courage in my victory ».

The Argentine warrior! Santiago Ponzinibbio and an impressive victory at UFC Vegas 28

I’m sorry for the kicks, of course, but I told them that nothing can stop me. Only this happened, they can hit me in the right place, okay, but I feel pain. My leg feels a bit swollen but I don’t care, I continued with my strategy. I kept hitting. I said I’m going to win this fight, I can’t lose to this boy. I kept doing my job and put my hands on it, ”he said.

A born warrior

In addition, Santiago He also commented: “I know who I am. I know that I can be a world champion. I need to come here and show what I can do. That’s why I don’t care. I told UFC I would like to be back as soon as possible, they said ‘we have this boy in June, nobody likes to fight with this boy’, I said give me. I’m going to beat this guy. Hopefully I’ll get back to qualifying. I won eight of my last nine fights, I have 17 fights for the company, 14 wins.

“I am number 8 in the world, I do a lot of things hoping to get back into qualifying and have a bigger fight. I’d really like to get back into qualifying. They give me a tough guy. Maybe Vicente Luque is doing very well, we can have an exciting fight. I respect him a lot. I think we can have a great fight. Maybe the guy who loses between Stephen Thompson and Gilbert Burns, “he said. Santiago Ponzinibbio.

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