Shocking! This is how Ariane Lipski’s face was after being disfigured by Montana de la Rosa

Ariane Lipski.

At UFC Vegas 28, Montana de la Rosa he showed off before Ariane lipski and practically disfigured his face. After a shocking knockout, this Saturday night, she beat the Brazilian and continues to grow within the division. Without a doubt, it was one of the best fights of the night, although only one came out smiling and the other went home disappointed. Anyway, it will serve as an example to exploit.

At the beginning of the text of LipskiIt reads: “Surely that’s not the after-fight image I had in mind, but that’s life: it’s not just made up of happy moments, hard times go by so we can grow. It’s not easy to go back to the cage after being defeated and after a facial fracture, but I came back and made it stronger, both physically and psychologically.

Tore her apart: Montana de la Rosa disfigured Ariane Lipski at UFC Vegas 28

“I was well prepared, focused and confident, yet I still couldn’t show my grappling progress. I had the best training camp of all time, I grew and evolved, I became more mature and after crying with disappointment and wondering why my time to shine has not yet come, “he also added to his words, explaining what happened.

Trust what’s to come

In that sense, Ariane She commented: “’I remember James 1: 2-6“ Dear Brothers and Sisters, when problems of any kind arise, consider it an opportunity for great joy. Because you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. ‘ I have chosen this profession and I embrace it, all its moments, the good ones and those from which to learn! ».

«I will work and train harder, I will repeat, I will make mistakes and I will do it well, so that then the victory comes. Thanks to my team @renatorasta @conansilveira @stevemocco @maramarvillarb @americantopteam @rasthaioficial and thank you that you still support me and enjoy watching my fights ?? “, he concluded Ariane lipski. Without a doubt, the Brazilian is a true warrior and will return stronger than ever.

Ariane Lipski’s post on Instagram.

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