The weather starts to heat up: Tyron Woodley’s threats to Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley.

In a few weeks, Tyron woodley will have his first boxing match, facing Jake paul. The former UFC champion will face the renowned and controversial youtuber, in what will be his debut as a professional boxer. Thus, in the last hours, the historic Mixed Martial Arts fighter had an interview with TMZ Sports and stressed that he will liquidate the youngest of the brothers.

Starting with his sayings, Woodley He said: “Jake paul It’s good, I guess we recognize it came from Disney, but we’re hoping it’s like this fucking macho bastard he’s playing, but he’s calling everyone but me. I’m the one who has real smoke with you. At the end of the day, that was Ben’s fight and I never want to take the moment away from Ben. That was their chance, so everyone is trying to get love. “

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«Almost in the same way as Jake It took the shine off Logan. They are only vultures of culture. He violates the juice of his own bloody flesh and blood. Your cornerback trying to get the most out of it. His whole team moves like a fool. My ‘dogs’ don’t move like that. I was in the gym today in Miami training, looking for Jake Paul, I have not seen him anywhere. He has not asked to fight me even once, “he communicated.

What’s more, Tyron He said, ‘He wants to fight Dillon Danis, who couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, or Tyson Fury’s cousin, but he doesn’t want to fight a real puncher. He wants to go around and vulgarize the culture and rub it around and hang around and take photos with rappers and think that you are an important fighter. No, come and get this real smoke. I’m inside and I can really find it.

“People who keep talking about fighting him are not even in a position to fight him. I can actually fight him. I can fight him tomorrow if I want to. At the end of the day, you can’t just sit here and think that the real motherfuckers who put their time into this. Yeah, if you want to get in here and get a couple of fights and make some money because you have a lot of subscribers and you did something silly in another lane; I am in favor of that », he closed Tyron woodley.

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