Video: this was the moment when Lewis Hamilton lost the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton

The heart rates of the fans (and many pilots) remain high. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix he left one of the craziest and most heartbreaking careers in recent years. The red flag caused by Max verstappen, which left the leadership of the World Cup on a tray to Lewis hamilton, caused enormous frustration in Red bull. However, the Briton threw it all away in just one corner.

The direction of the race, commanded by Michael Masi, had decided that the start of the race would be in the traditional way, with all the drivers on the grid. Verstappen’s accident, with 4 laps to go and the two laps behind the safety car, only left two to get back up to speed. Hamilton, had second place, while Czech Pérez was first.

Checo Pérez’s infamous victory in the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

On the radio Hamilton was clear: “We have to be careful when taking risks.” However, Hamilton was by no means conservative. He had a spectacular start and quickly took the lead on the grid. Pérez was already satisfied with the second place and Hamilton was the leader of the race, and much more important, leader of the World Championship.

Hamilton not only overtook Perez, but he went under braking at the first corner, going outside. The Briton quickly wanted to get back on track, but it was too late: all the drivers overtook him and he finished in 15th place, without scoring any points. The last time Hamilton came out of a race without scoring was three years ago – at the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix.

“Right on the ledge, when Checo came up to me, I hit a switch and that button completely turns off the brakes and I went straight on. It is very difficult to accept, but above all I am very sorry for the men and women of the team who have worked so hard, “explained Hamilton to the SkySports network after the test this Sunday, which leaves him second in the championship.

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