After the departure of Caboclo, Brazil would play the Copa América with its figures and Tite on the bench

After the departure of Caboclo, Brazil would play the Copa América with its figures and Tite on the bench

Finally, everything indicates that The Brazilian National Team would play the Copa América with its main figures and under the command of coach Tite, a scenario that could have been different if it weren’t for the removal of Rogério Caboclo from the CBF presidency on Sunday.

As reported, the leader wanted to change the DT in response to the lack of support that he showed to the accusations of moral and sexual harassment against him. Among the players, Caboclo was also the main point of dissatisfaction.

The idea of ​​the footballers not to play the Copa América was real, but it never got into action. Annoyed, they wanted to firmly expose their annoyance with the tournament, although from last Wednesday until now the possible boycott has been losing steam.

On the eve of the victory over Ecuador, in Porto Alegre, the picture was a little different. Dissatisfied with Caboclo, the group experienced their moment of greatest anger with the situation, which was expressed in part by coach Tite at a press conference.

On Friday, match day and also when the complaint for harassment against Caboclo came to light, the position remained firm, which Casemiro revealed between the lines when he stated that the “positioning was clear” among the players. Even if it wasn’t necessarily a boycott.

The main problem of the selection has always been Caboclo and the way he led the Copa América to Brazil. With his mandatory 30-day license determined by the CBF Ethics Committee, the idea of ​​not playing in the tournament lost steam.

The manifesto to take a position, which should be released this Tuesday after the match against Paraguay in the South American Qualifiers, is, however, still under discussion.

Although they would not announce any extreme measuresrespecting the “hierarchy”, as Casemiro also stressed in his interview, the players continue to seek firm communication. But they are still studying the best way forward in positioning.

In their conversations they try to define if they will attack the Copa América, the way it was organized, the fact that it happened in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and its political use. It is certain that they will move away from any position that could be used politically in a party or name Caboclo or the president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

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