Come to collect, Juan

Come to collect, Juan

Juan Toscano Anderson, of Michoacan grandparents, has achieved the goal that he pursued daily for almost 3 years.

In 2018, Juan Toscano Anderson got the opportunity he had been waiting for so long. A test with the subsidiary of the Golden state warriors in the NBA Development League.

As sweet as it sounded, that chance carried a risk. For four years, Juan had already tasted the honeys of professionalism in Mexico and with considerable sporting and financial success. Consolidated as a player of the Fuerza Regia of the LNBP, champion in Mexican basketball, the dilemma was as follows: go the safe way, take one of the offers in Mexico or Europe, or, at 26, start over. right from the start.

And if he managed to stay, the pay would be only $ 35,000, less than a third of what he could hope to earn if he took any of those offers.

Without guarantees of anything, Juan Toscano opted to go to the try out. He bet on himself. Among 29 players, he was one of two chosen to have a place on the Santa Cruz team, a town one hour from San Francisco. Happy, but not satisfied, Toscano asked his general manager and his coach every day what was needed to get to play with the Warriors of the NBA, along with Stephen Curry. Well, they told him, you have to play well enough to get invited to the Summer League. That would be the next step.

Juan succeeded, and went to the Summer league with the Warriors, a second test filter. He distinguished himself again, but not because of the points, which is the statistic that dazzles. He did it with effort, claw, defense, total dedication. They put the same number on the table again, while on the other side was the temptation of offers in Mexico and Europe.

At 26 years old, with the maturity of his career on the horizon, he declined again. Toscano Anderson returned to bet on him and his dream with the acronym NBA

In 31 games he drew the attention of the Warriors, who finally offered him a two-way contract, that is, to be able to be called to the roster as well NBA than that of the G League, just in the season that was rocked by the pandemic.

Maybe that Golden State transition season, when the franchise became one of the worst in the league, played in Juan’s favor. With the departure of Kevin Durant, and the injuries of Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the media spotlight went to other teams. The Warriors they went into reconstruction mode, and Toscano Anderson began to become one of the solid rods that, while not noticeable at first glance, are essential to support everything else.

Golden state He did not enter the bubble, he was eliminated and the Warriors cut Juan, but only to sign him shortly after in a similar two-way contract, for the premature 2020-21 campaign, this one that is still ongoing. And this is where Juan stepped on the gas.

Toscano Anderson averages 5.5 points per game, but leads Golden State in field goal percentage and is second in the team’s defensive rating. And above all, he is in charge of overflowing with effort, in rescuing balls that everyone else considers lost, in giving the extra pass to find the only partner, in guarding the most dangerous players on the rival team.

In those categories, Juan Toscano is the MVP not only of the Warriors, but of the entire NBA.

This Wednesday Juan signed a contract NBA which is based on 1.7 million dollars per year, valid for two seasons. In social networks a video of the moment of the signing in which Juan talks with his mother and lets himself cry when he reminds him of everything they lived together in the home on East 95th Street in Oakland, nestled in a working-class neighborhood, went viral from the city.

Juan Toscano Anderson, of Michoacan grandparents, has achieved the goal that he pursued daily for almost 3 years. He bet on himself and can finally collect from the cashier.

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