Five games to remember between Argentina and Colombia

Five games to remember between Argentina and Colombia

Colombia and Argentina will meet again in the Qualifiers. They are two teams that had interesting and historical crossovers in recent times.

Below we review five of the most memorable matches between both teams.


Undoubtedly, the game that marked a break between those played by Argentina and Colombia is the one remembered 5 to 0 in the Monumental, for the last date of the Qualifiers towards the United States 1994. The clash was played on September 5, 1993. Argentina, which came from being two-time champion of America at the hands of Alfio Basile, after the conquests of 1991 and 1993, came second at a point from Colombia and needed to win to ensure direct passage. But nerves won the battle over the Argentine team, who faced an extraordinary rival, with Pancho Maturana on the bench and a great team led on the field of play by Pibe Valderrama.

Colombia gave a football exhibition, thrashed 5-0 in a match that remained in history and sent the Albiceleste to the Repechage. That meeting marked what would be the return of Maradona to the National Team, for the clashes against Australia, which would later classify Argentina to the 1994 World Cup in the United States.


For the Qualifiers heading to Brazil 2014, Barranquilla became a starting point for the National Team led at that time by the remembered Alejandro Sabella. The albiceleste did not arrive in the best way after drawing at home 1 to 1 with Bolivia, and needed to recover to gain confidence. The start against those led by Leonel Alvarez was difficult, as the team began losing 1 to 0 with a goal from Dorlan Pabón. However, in the complement Messi’s team was going to turn history around. Kun Agüero entered to join the attack along with Higuaín and La Pulga, and with a goal from the current Barcelona player, and another from Messi six minutes from the end, Argentina achieved three decisive points to head towards the World Cup.

Thus, Sabella’s men began a successful cycle that would take Argentina to the final of Brazil 2014, where they would later lose the final against Germany.


On August 15, 1993, Argentina visited Colombia in Barranquilla. Alfio Basile’s team was two-time champion of America and came with an undefeated 33 games, which had started in February 1991 against Hungary. It was the post-Maradona stage, after the runner-up of the 1990 World Cup in Italy and the positive doping of the 10th that had marginalized him from the fields. Soon, the albiceleste was going to realize that the long streak was going to be in danger. Two minutes into the game, Iván Valenciano scored the first goal for Colombia, while Adolfo Valencia made it 2-0 at seven minutes, which left the coffee growers one step away from victory. The discount, three from the end and with Argentina with 10 men for the expulsion of Cholo Simeone, was Ramón Ismael Medina Bello.

The Colombian victory put a question mark in the albiceleste team, which at that time did not go through its best version in football, and had to measure itself in those Qualifiers with a Colombia in its maximum splendor.


Edgardo Bauza’s Argentine National Team did not have much of a journey. The DT did not last long in office and those Qualifiers were marked by suffering until the end to reach Russia 2018. However, in November 2016 and in San Juan, Argentina gave themselves a nice victory against José Perkerman’s team. It was a clear 3-0 victory with goals from Messi, Pratto and Di María, which served to cut an adverse streak of four games without adding three. Also, to leave behind the hard defeat suffered by 3 to 0 against Brazil.

Soon after, Bauza would leave, Sampaoli would arrive and a well-known story would begin that had no happy ending. THE


Martín Palermo was a fantastic scorer, there is no doubt about that. However, against Colombia he lived one of the worst moments of his life. In this case it was not for qualifying, but for the 1999 Copa América, played in Paraguay. The team that Marcelo Bielsa led at that time lost 3-0, but the curious thing about that match was that Loco had three penalties to change history, and failed in all three executions. Yes, not to believe. In the first, the strong shot from the striker who scored the most goals in Boca’s history hit the crossbar. Then, he tried again with the second penalty, but the ball went over the stop. And on the last occasion, when the game was already defined for the coffee growers, Calero guessed the intention and got Loco’s shot.

In any case, the Argentine team was going to go to the quarterfinals, where it would be eliminated by Brazil. Palermo would eventually have his revenge. With Maradona on the bench he scored a key goal against Peru for Argentina to qualify for the 2010 World Cup, where he was part of the team during the South African excursion.

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