Floyd Mayweather claims weight difference with Logan Paul affected him

Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul

Floyd mayweather acknowledged that the difference in weight affected him too much with Logan paul in his exhibition match last Sunday, in the Hard Rock Stadium on Miami Florida.

“It was fun I gave people a good show and the Paul it was a battle for survival as everyone could see, “said the American after the fight. “He came close to 200 pounds and I was 155, but there are no excuses, I had a great time, he fought from a distance and so he was happy.”

The noticeable difference in weight and height above the ring was not a factor in the first three episodes, but Floyd began to go forward and dominated Logan.

Although he landed three strong punches between the sixth and seventh, the YouTuber He was able to survive the attacks of the former monarch.

The undefeated champion stopped the scale at 155 pounds, while Logan it stopped it at 189.5, just half a pound below the agreed weight.

“I know it can make keys and is strong when it hooks you,” he said. “When a nearly 200 pound guy is hugging you, I was just trying to do my best to get free. Although I have a lot of experience, it is difficult to take a full weight off my shoulders. It was fun and he sure had a good time, the two brothers were happy at the end ”.

At the end of the match, both fighters exchanged compliments and said they were surprised and honored by what the exhibition match meant.

While Floyd was amazed at the ability of Paul, the YouTuber he thanked the former undefeated champion for the opportunity to face a legend.

However, Jake, brother of Logan, sent a tweet at the end of the fight where he assured that they had finished with the mark of 50 undefeated fights of Floyd, what Mayweather He replied that he was not worried.

“When the winnings come in, we will see who the real winner is, because in the end I will be in the Boxing Hall of Fame and I have nothing to prove, “he said. “My career was extraordinary. If they are happy with eight rounds, dances and hugs, then go ahead ”.

The fight ended without a winner, since it was agreed that there would be no judges at the end to determine the result if there was no knockout.

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