Floyd Mayweather fails to knock out Logan Paul and disappoints fans

Logan Paul y Floyd Mayweather

Floyd mayweather failed to knock out YouTuber Logan Paul in a contest that was dirty because of so much clinch and that did not make the public who gathered at the Hard Rock Stadium.

The match had no judges, so the only way there would be a winner was if someone knocked out, which did not happen.

Mayweather He controlled the fight, he was never in trouble and his style was present, showing the journey he has had through professional boxing, despite the physical handicap he had.

In the first round, the two went out to study and immediately the influencer was noticed very slow and without power to touch Floyd, although at the end of the episode came an onslaught of Logan of nearly 10 punches that hit the undefeated former champion’s arms and gloves.

Already for the second, Floyd came out to press and stopped walking backwards, and managed to land the best shots, but the YouTuber He used his weight to his advantage to tie himself up and seek to hit the clinch.

And so the combat continued, with Logan little by little physically diminished, throwing some fists that never entered and taking advantage of that physical advantage, while Mayweather he was smarter and more cautious to hit.

As the confrontation progressed, the superiority of Floyd was seen to connect the best shots with the left hook that came in, but never put in trouble Paul.

Although the local public was expecting a knockout from Mayweather, the long time they spent in the clinch and what Floyd He never hit the gas, they didn’t please the fans.

In the end, they went the distance and there was no winner, despite the fact that in the perception of Jake paul the winner was his brother.

The fans who were in the stadium of the Miami dolphins They were not happy with what they saw, nor were the followers of the sport on social networks.

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