Guardiola applauds Koeman’s continuity in Barcelona: “He deserves a year with people in the stadium”

Guardiola applauds Koeman's continuity in Barcelona: "He deserves a year with people in the stadium"

BARCELONA – Pep Guardiola endorsed this Monday the continuity of Ronald Koeman on the Barcelona bench, stating that the Dutchman “deserves a year with people in the stadium” and assuring that the Barça team “has played very well during a good part of the season in a very difficult year “.

Guardiola, who openly defended the permanence of his former teammate, discovered that he had spoken with Joan Laporta in recent days, supported the project that Barça is working on and was “very happy” for the signing of Carlo Ancelotti by Real Madrid.

“I am a great friend of Koeman and I am very happy for him. I spoke with the president and he is totally convinced of the decision,” said the Manchester City coach, who last weekend spoke personally with Koeman playing golf in the company of his sons and that he was convinced that the best Barça, with the Dutchman, is yet to come.

“The second years are always better than the first. Everyone knows each other and the coach already has the team more at hand.

“Barça fell in the end when the League was close, but they won the Cup and as soon as they switched to defense of five they played very well, the best game in Spain,” Guardiola said, warning that the discomfort that Koeman could have felt in the last weeks is not “novelty”.

“Ronald knows, we all know, that we (the coaches) are the weak part of the whole process. We depend on the results and he understands perfectly that after the end of the League it took a few days or weeks to make the best decision”, The Catalan revealed, happy “because in the end they have met and will continue to be the coach of Barça.”

“The coaches are weak when we don’t win and we are reinforced when we win,” said Guardiola, agreeing that if Barça loses games at the start of the new season, Koeman “will be weakened … but if he plays like a good part of this past season, he will be strengthened. In addition, he will be strengthened. You have to think that this next year there will be people in the stadium and things will be very different. “

“I have been to three different clubs, but there is nothing comparable to a Barça or Real Madrid, where the impact and pressure is much greater, where everything is much more difficult to control in private,” said the City coach, who disclosed having discussed this circumstance with Koeman. “We are exposed to all this … If you do not want it, do not dedicate yourself, but Ronald is strong and has a lot of experience.”

Regarding what his position would have been in the case of finding himself in Koeman’s situation, waiting to be ratified by a president, Guardiola revealed that “first of all I respect hierarchies a lot … I have not found myself in this situation but I do The one in charge asked me for time, I would give it to them, yes. The important thing is that they are convinced to stay together and they are. That’s the best.

“I have a very good relationship with him,” said Pep when asked about Carlo Ancelotti and his return to Real Madrid. “He is an exceptional manager, beyond tactical intuition, he is very intelligent, his human management is great and I am very happy for him” he commented.

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